Why has my tegu skin problems?

High white red tegu shedding while laying on Quality Soil.

Shedding problems you see mostly on red tegus. Somehow they are more sensitive with their skin. It’s also something you see more often around the winter time. There are several reasons why this can happen. This is a checklist you have to follow:

– What are the temperatures in your enclosure. Too low temperatures can cause problems. The hotspot must be around 45/55C (113/131F) and the cold corner 25/30C (77/86F). At night not under 23C (73F). Also check if your terrarium is not standing directly on the floor. If you heat your enclosure air temperature and the floor gives a lot of cold.. its posible it makes your soil very cold. Tegus hide under the soil get a body temperature that is too cold. You can put some wood blocks or insulation under the enclosure to keep the cold away. Also the room temperature can have small influence in the temperature in the enclosure.

– What do you feed? Too much fish can cause a low amount of vitamin b in the body. And this can cause skin problems. Feeding less fish and extra vitamin b complex can help get the vitamin b in the body to a higher level. You can buy vitamin b pills for humans, crush the pill and put it through the food every other day till its getting better.

– Too dry surroundings can also cause skin problems. Best is to have a good floor bedding in the form of cocos soil, our own brand Quality Soil or similar soil that you keep moist. I personally have used cocosfibes for years, but its very dusty. So I went to a factory to make my own soil. Quality Soil it’s called. It’s filtered and minerals are added. I sell it at my webshop and on houten expos.

– If noting of the above helps you can look at the tegus poop. Parasites/worms can also cause skin problems. The poop must be solid and brown/grey in colour with some yellow urine. If its soft end wet, it’s probably parasites. To be sure you can bring some fresh tegu poop to the vet for check-up. They can look under the microscope for parasites/worms.

If all the above does not help you can message me with all the things you have changed. And we can see if there are other things we can do to solve this.
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