We are working with DDI (Dutch Dragon Import) in Amsterdam. We can bring animals to them every day of the week without any costs. DDI Charges a 100 to 220euro for a box with 1 or more animals.

Countries they ship too for us:
– Belgium (to your door)
– Germany (to your door)
– United Kingdom (to your door, every 8 weeks. Next one is end of juli)
– Polland (meeting point: Glogow)
– Austria (to your door, depening on where in Austria)
– France (to your door, every 8 weeks)
– Slovenia (meeting point)

If interested i need your adres to ask for a price.

Shipping to USA or Canada

Shipping over sea is not a problem, but costs are high. I only ship from 10 tegus or more. Paperwork costs are 60euros for a page. Every clutch/species need their own papers. Then there is the shipping what is around 500 to 1200euro for 1 to 3 boxes of animals. Price depends on how many boxes and weight. These are only the costs on my side of the sea. If you want this you need someone in your country that applies for import papers or you have to do it yourself. There will also be costs for papers, tax and accepting the shipping in your country. So know you will pay for that too. Sould be around the same amount as cost on my side.

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