Quality Soil

I breed tegus for many years now and have tried all kind of subtrades. There was always someting that was not fully right in my opinion. Too much dust, too dry, does not absorb water too easy, no good for the skin… Then i went to a factory specialised in subtrade for plants and animals. Together with my experiance and theirs we put together a subtrade who is realy great for any reptile or amfibian that needs an enclosure with moistured subtrade. Sinds I use the subtrade my tegus shed compleetly in 1 time like snakes do. Its realy incredible stuf.

WANT TO BUY? Orders can be don on our Dutch webshop (Ship to: The Netherlands and Belgium) or Picked up at houten expo or if you let us know we can bring an order to hamm expo.

45liters = 15,00 euro (normal price 22,50euro)
15liters = 7,00 euro (normal price 11,00euro)

Quality Reptiles presents: Quality soil